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(A specialist  Marriage Relationship Rebuilding centre with a difference)

Aishwarya Complex, Anjilithanam, Tiruvalla, Kerala-689 582

Tel: 091 469 269 1157  ,  Mob   091 9847027138

Email id: drgdinakaran1@gmail.com , manasanthi@sify.com





 - Manasanthi Images, Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta - Psychological Counselling

More than anybody else, Keralites” life more often integrate 
Into international and alien culture, by sheer necessity.  Our
People are always on the move in search of newer and newer
Employment potential pastures.  Our uncared  children, separated life Partners, disgusted isolated wives, uncared old parents,
Love and care starving family members – given an opportunity - all have their own painful Stories to tell you.  In this period of world economic depression And the resultant massive unemployment, most of our young and old  people need psychological support enable them to manage stress and find alternative solutions for a happy and successful  living.

Some of their stories culminate into a volcano – a disastrous Social structure – constantly emits – social problems,
crimes, suicides, self destructive strategies, 
rapes, crimes on women and children, economic
crimes, attacks on teachers and police stations, 
attack on parents,  antisocial behaviour, terrorism, naxalism, alcoholism, neglect of wife and children, 
traffic on women, neglect of old age parents, 
husband wife conflicts, separation, prolonged

legal battles, divorce etc. etc. 

If anyone believe that ANTIBIOTICS and  transquillisers   can alone  solve these problems, Our generation may not find any  effective solution to these problems.  This will only multify and eat our new generations. 


Whats the solution for all these ?

Appropriate application of Counselling Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychoanalytical approachy & Psychological Counselling can sove many of these problems.

If you, your relations or friends face any of the following
Situations,  contact/visit us/send email to us for 

Effective solutions:



    • Phobias


    • Anxiety/ panic attacks


    •  Stress


    •  Depression


    •  Mood disorders


    • Marital counselling


    • Couple relationship empowering


    • Pre-marital counselling


    • Life skills coaching


    • Low self esteem


    • Anger management


    • Suicidal tendencies


    • Teenage problems


    •  Puppy love, lost love, rehabilitation


    •  Terminal illness counselling


    •  Parent counselling


    • Student counselling


    • Educational counselling


    • Guilt pangs


    • Remote nri family problems


    •  Block to creativity


    • Child/adolscent therapy


    • Group Counselling/Therapy


    •  Sleep Disorders


    • Self Confidence Empowerment


    • Personality Fine-Tuning


    • Trauma Counselling


    • Individual Counselling



Special Online Counselling Services For Nris/Nrks

NRIs or NRKs from anywhere in the world may send their
email to drgdinakaran1@gmail.com  or manasanthi@sify.com  for arranging online
counseling/chatting/googletalk/Telecon etc. to solve the problem. 



A marriage counseling with a difference 

Are you facing



    • Marital adjustment and growth problems ?


    • Divorce and remarriage ?


    • Lack of role responsibilities of husband and wife ?


    • Marital conflict ?


    • Continous couple fighting ?


    • Diverse personality types in marriage ?


    • Any partner attempted to commit suicide ?


    • Living in a state of continous conflict ?


    • Marital infidelity ?


    • Interfering inlaws and resultant family discord ?


    • Not being adequately listened to ? 


    • Loosing self confidence ?


    • Unreasonable/angry/dishonest spouse ?


    • Separation/in the verge of divorce ?


    • Loss of meaning in life ?


    • Alcoholic addict creating social and life problems ?


    • Problems in sex life ?

For gentle way of consultancy and easy solutions,

Consult/Contact/Write to/Email/ Visit/ Chat to:


Dr. G. Dinakaran, 



Contact for Booking / Registration :

Mob : +91 9847027138

Tel : +91 469 2691157

e mail : manasanthi@sify.com


Website : www.globalopenuniversitykerala.com





We provide practical training in skills Developments inthe areas of Psychotherapy and counselling, School Counselling, Marital Counselling, Personality Development etc. Short term Workshop conducted Every month for which advance booking is accepted.


Workshop on Practical Counselling Skills and case studies - Two days


Venue : MTI Lecture Hall, Anjilithanam, Thiruvalla -- 689582.

Date : >.......(Date to be fixed later)... (Saturday and Sunday)

Time : 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm

Your investment : Rs. 2000 per participant for two days program.

Program Content :

Practical - First Day

    • Scope, need, application techniques and methodology of Counselling Psychology / Psychotherapy.


    • Basic Principles of Counselling and Psychotherapy


    • Personality Development & Behaviour Therapy


    • Basics of Schools / student / Adolscent / Parent Counselling


    • Individual counselling and marital counselling


    • Group discussions, interactive sessions , feedback.

Practical - Second Day

    • Mock Counselling.


    • Presentation of case studies / interactive sessions.


    • Role play.


    • Problem solving, Querry time and group discussions.


    • Feed back.

Who all can participate ?


All professionals influding medical doctors.

Psychologists / Psychotherapists / Counsellors , Reiki Masters , Yoga Masters, Trainers, Teachers, NGOs, Advocates, Engineers, School/ College Principals, Students, Working personnel, Housewives, MSWS, Social workers, Nurses, Physiotherapists, and Other para - medical personnel etc.,



Dr. G. Dinakaran

Professor & Chief Co-ordinator,

IPMS - The Glonal Open University,

M.Phill (Social Work), MBA, M.A. (Sociology), B.G.L.

M.S. (Psychotherapy & Counselling)

P.G. Diploma in Materials Management (IIMM),

Diplomate (University of Beverly Hills, LA, USA)


(Dr. G. Dinakaran, National Trainer, IPMS Mumbai has conducted several workshops, seminars, PCPs, interactive sessions etc. in this field at major metros in India - such as New Delhi, Bhatinda, Nagpur, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Trivandrum, Cochin and several towns in Kerala. Formely Dr. G. Dinakaran was Course Director , IIMM and Materials Manager, HSCL, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai)


Boarding and lodging in your account. For male participants enough Hotel / lodging facilities are available. On request details would be Given. 

For lady participants, Radio Ladies Hostel, Ramanchira, M.C. Road, Thiruvalla Tele 0469 2631643 is recommended.


Mob : +91 9847027138

Tel : +91 469 2691157

e mail : manasanthi@sify.com


Website : www.globalopenuniversitykerala.com