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Welcome to MANASANTHI CONSULTING, Anjilithanam, Tiruvalla, Kerala 689 582  

  • Success of a marriage relationship is based on the degree of marital adjustment and satisfaction each marital partner achieve in reality. This is highly personal and the marital satisfaction depends on the degree of accommodation each partner makes in the marital relationship. Happiness is the ultimate valued goal in marriage.

>>  We provide Specialist POST MARITAL RELATIONSHIP COUNSELING AND PRE-MARITAL COUNSELING WITH  COMPREHENSIVE PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT AND FINE TUNING ( An One-day Session of three hours+ . Investment INR 3000 for three hour Session)  >>  (For  a  Unique Tailor-made Individual Pre-marital Counseling with Comprehensive Psychological  Personality Assessment and Fine Tuning - An one day session of five hours - Investment  INR 5000 (Five thousand)

College/School Refusal Intervention Program including Application of  concept of BEHAVIOUR TECHNOLOGY for better living.   (An One-day session of three hours + (Investment INR 3000 / Session of three hours)



  • For most new generation youth, adjustment is alien. Hence the services of a Couple Relations Management expert gains importance.


Do you wish to assess your Eligibility for an  Honoris Causa Doctoral Degree/Ph.D/D.Sc/D.Litt/LL.D. from a Commonwealth/  Foreign Government Approved University ?

Dr.Bala Subramanian, Kuwait receiving D.Sc.at Dubai - Manasanthi Images, Thiruvalla, PATHANAMTHITTA - Education Counselling Services - Manasanthi Images, Thiruvalla, PATHANAMTHITTA - Education Counselling Services

Free Degree Assessment  !
Ever Wondered! If You Had An Awesome Degree Like A 'PhD' In Little To No Time At All

Good News: Its Possible! And We Can Make It Happen For You


Hi, I am Dr. Dinakaran and I've helped dozens of people like you in obtaining a prestigious Hon PhD./ Post Doctoral Degree in their  choice discipline  and improve their future prospects with little to no time investment on their part. And my team and I can do the same for you. Click the button below to start a completely free degree assessment session with us. ( Or talk to me

on Mob 091 9847027138 or send mail to me @  drgdinakaran1@gmail.com

  • Are you eligible for a Honorary PhD ?
  • Are you a busy Professional/ Student with little time to spare? 
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* Applications for Honoris Causa PhD/D.Litt/LL.D/D.Sc are invited from Experienced Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Architects, Interior Designers, Astrologers, Realtors, Social Entrepreneurs, Pastors, Priests of all Religions, Industrial Safety Experts, Geo-informatics and Remote Sensing Experts, and all others who have rich experience in their respective field and could not continue with formal collegiate education and obtain the PhD. The Doctoral Degree Program shall enable to enhance their knowledge, improve their entrepreneurial skills, develop new vocations and careers, enhance their possibility of employability, job promotions, self improvement and development, self motivation, security and a healthier life.

  • We would be conducting International Convocations in different countries in the forthcoming months.  Goa, Tailand, Dubai etc.  Also interested candidates can pursue Ph.D or Post Doctoral Degree such as Doctor of Science, Doctor of Literature or Doctor of Law through our Regular PhD Programs.  For more info call 9847027138
    For prescribed Application, details, procedure etc. Please send mail to drgdinakaran1@gmail.com or call Drdinakaran Gopalan, Authorised University Counselor(Global Promotions), CVU, based at Tiruvalla, Kerala, India Call >09847027138 or whatsup 0919847027138 Last closing date:11th September, 2017.
  • Discuss with Drdinakaran Gopalan on Mob  091 984702738 about different possibilities to pursue your Research and obtain your Ph.D. 

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